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People ask us all the time how do you become an authority in the marketplace (maybe you've asked this question too) and what we usually tell people is that there is a complete strategy to it. 

You've probably noticed that the leaders in your market aren't always the best at what they do, they probably aren't the smartest, and most times they are probably not better than you... 

You know that you can add the same level of value and even more!

However, the question that still stands is why are they being featured in the media and you're not?

Why do they get press coverage, interviews, articles, published in major media and more? 

There are two main reasons people go on to become known celebrities and the authorities in their field and we teach them to you in our course.

The best part is that you can duplicate this process because it’s quite simple! So what are they doing that you’re not?

The best part is that you can duplicate the process we have used to secure interviews, podcasts interviews, radio interviews, guest blogging opportunities, TV interviews, and much more!

Become Recognized As A Leader In Your Field!

Here are some main reasons why people want to Build Their Authority:

• How to become a leader in your industry
• Helping you to build your authority, an expertise which will ultimately generate a consistent flow of leads and sales.
• We will teach you how to get booked on major radio, podcasts and television shows.
• Be featured in major magazine publications, blogs, and social networks as well as becoming regular contributors.


  • 1

    Welcome to The Brand Your Authority Course

    • Brand Your Authority Welcome from David & Meiyoko

    • We Want You To Master The Material

  • 2

    Module #1 Designing Your Brand Blueprint

    • Designing Your Brand Blueprint

    • 4PILLARS

  • 3

    Module # 2 The Brand Authority Mindset

    • Module 2 -Brand Your Authority Mindset

  • 4

    Module #3 Create An Attractive Personal Brand

    • Module 3 Create An Attractive Personal Brand

  • 5

    Module #4 Building Your Brand Authority

    • Module 4 Building Your Brand Authority

    • Guest Contributor Opportunities

    • Brand Strategy Guide Training

    • Brand Strategy Template

  • 6

    Module #5 Developing Your Authority Online

    • Module 5 Developing Your Authority Online

    • Major Media Secrets

    • Social Media Profiles Live Training

    • 7 Essentials for Building Your Brand Online

  • 7

    Module #6 How To Become A Brand Authority In Your Industry

    • Module 6 Part 1- How To Increase Your Brand Authority Knowledge

    • Module 6 Part 2 - Targeted Vs. Broad Marketingoldversion

    • Module 6 Part 3 - Essential Questions + BYA Challenge

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