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Without knowing how to implement the exact systems and the principles for building your authority you will spin your wheels like we did for many years. If you want to become the authority in your market we will gladly show you the way but we only want to give this power to those who will use it for good. Becoming an authority consists of using your platform to add value not only to your life, but to the lives of many others since you are now respected as a credible resource. If this sounds just like you and you want to learn how to build your authority for good, we will gladly teach you how to be seen as the authority or expert in your field just like we have done.

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People ask us all the time how do you become an authority in the marketplace (maybe you've asked this question too) and what we usually tell people is that there is a complete strategy to it. 

You've probably noticed that the leaders in your market aren't always the best at what they do, they probably aren't the smartest, and most times they are probably not better than you... 

You know that you can add the same level of value and even more!

However, the question that still stands is why are they being featured in the media and you're not?

Why do they get press coverage, interviews, articles, published in major media and more? 

There are two main reasons people go on to become known celebrities and the authorities in their field and we teach them to you in our course.

The best part is that you can duplicate this process because it’s quite simple! So what are they doing that you’re not?

The best part is that you can duplicate the process we have used to secure interviews, podcasts interviews, radio interviews, guest blogging opportunities, TV interviews, and much more!


Become Recognized As A Leader In Your Field!

Here are some main reasons why people want to Build Their Authority:

• How to become a leader in your industry
• Helping you to build your authority, an expertise which will ultimately generate a consistent flow of leads and sales.
• We will teach you how to get booked on major radio, podcasts and television shows.
• Be featured in major magazine publications, blogs, and social networks as well as becoming regular contributors.


Welcome to The Brand Your Authority Course


  • Brand Your Authority Welcome from David & Meiyoko
  • We Want You To Master The Material

Module #1 Designing Your Brand Blueprint


  • Designing Your Brand Blueprint

Module # 2 The Brand Authority Mindset


  • Module 2 -Brand Your Authority Mindset

Module #3 Create An Attractive Personal Brand


  • Module 3 Create An Attractive Personal Brand

Module #4 Building Your Brand Authority


  • Module 4 Building Your Brand Authority
  • Guest Contributor Opportunities
  • Brand Strategy Guide Training
  • Brand Strategy Template

Module #5 Developing Your Authority Online


  • Module 5 Developing Your Authority Online
  • Major Media Secrets
  • Social Media Profiles Live Training
  • 7 Essentials for Building Your Brand Online

Module #6 How To Become A Brand Authority In Your Industry


  • Module 6 Part 1- How To Increase Your Brand Authority Knowledge
  • Module 6 Part 2 - Targeted Vs. Broad Marketingoldversion
  • Module 6 Part 3 - Essential Questions + BYA Challenge

About Your Instructor

David SImons

David SImons

Speaker, Corporate Trainer, & Social Media Consultant

David D. Simons is a Mediapreneur who utilizes his off line and online skills to promote brands, increase businesses, support causes, and build relationships. His passion and excitement for media has attracted the likes of Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, churches, and entrepreneurs. David obtained a degree in Digital Media from Sacramento State University, and a Masters degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. David is the CEO of Kingdom Social Media, which is an organization designed to teach business owners and business leaders how to effectively use social media to build their businesses. David has been recognized by, Dell Computers, Yahoo, Xerox Corporation, and Hootsuite for his strategies in social media.. David lives in Philadelphia, PA with his loving wife, Abigail Simons. David lives by this rule: “The biggest risk you will take in life is not taking risks.”

  • Best Selling Author
  • Highly Sought-After Speaker, Trainer, Coach
  • Social Media Consultant
  •  Worked with Over 20 Fortune 500 Companies Establishing digital marketing campaigns
  •  Social Media Adjunct Professor
  • Listed as Top 30 Under 30 Future of Ghana Pioneers 2016
  • Featured on the front of Funtimes Magazine as the top 30 Under 30 in the Delaware Valley
  • Featured as Small Business Owner of the Year Recognized by The Pennsylvania Commonwealth
  • Highlighted by Hootsuite for innovative social media marketing techniques
  •  Creator of an internationally recognized Facebook course
  •  Work has been featured on CBS, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, Dell, and Social Media Today
  •  Huffington Post Contributing Writer
  •  Worked with Speakers and Coaches in Top 40 of the industry
  •  Worked with celebrities, NFL players, and NBA players
  •  Conducted Social Media Training with the US Department of Defense
  •  & Much More...

About Your Instructor

Meiyoko  Taylor

Meiyoko Taylor

Celebrity Personal Development Coach

Meiyoko Taylor is an author, entrepreneur and personal development coach. He is based in New Jersey, USA, but he works extensively with people from all across the world, inspiring them to find their "amazing" and tap into their hidden potential

He aims to empower and educate his audience…In particular, his mission is to help “100 million” people to take charge of their own lives, find their passion and truly discover their own greatness from within.

Meiyoko Taylor is also an author of several Personal Development and Self- Improvement books including Habitude: Busting Bad Habits and Creating Good Ones, "Find Your Amazing! 5 Steps To Transforming Your Life", and his latest work "Forever Truckin: Mastering The Will To Win."     

  • 2 Time Best Selling Author
  • Featured on over 60 podcasts 
  • Featured on over 60 podcasts, radio stations, and TV shows
  • Podcast Host of the "The Art of Winning"
  • Certified Emotional Mastery Coach
  • Published in Bustle, Women's Health and Fitness
  • Member of Forbes Coaches Council Recognized as a Leading Business & Leadership Coach
  • Emotional Mastery Certification
  • ECelebrity Personal Development Coach
  • Regulalry Featured on popular podcasts, radio stations, and TV shows 
  • Contributor to major media outlets
  • Co-Host of the "The Art of Winning" Podcast With A UFV Champion and Emmy Award Winner
  • Speaker and Thought Leader On Mindset
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practicioner
  • Worked with corporate professionals, CEO's, Industry Leaders, Public Figures, and celebrities guiding them towards self-improvement in their life and business
  • & Much More!


Designing A Brand

Authority Mindset

Building Your Authority

Brand Building

Media Placements

Social Media Authority


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